TLC: TEA, LOVE & COFFEE Brand & Identity, Packaging


A self-initiated project, a tribute to the drink that gets many designers through all-nighters, coffee!

TLC: Tea, Love & Coffee is a coffee house chain that creates a homely, comforting & welcoming impression.

To create the identity I aimed for a contrast between a simple heart & elegant script, granting depth to the brand with the shape subconsciously encouraging affection between TLC & its customers.

Changing With The Times

The official colours of TLC will change every season to reinvigorate the brand & mimic the real life surroundings of customers. This colour change is shown with winter's disposable cups

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TLC Coffee can be bought in white bags with coloured stripes for indicating blend variance. Set off by a TLC branded “window” so the owner can easily check how much coffee they have left.

Boxes of teabags will follow a similar design to the coffee bags. A minimalist pattern wraps around in different colours for different blends.