TEAMSPEAK Merchandise, Illustration, Exhibition Stands & Leaflet, Video, Animation, UI/UX & Web, Social Media


I first started working on TeamSpeak's graphics in March 2018, 12 months later I joined the company full time as their primary graphic designer.

Main Identity

TeamSpeak is a company providing voice & chat software with a focus on gaming & esports. It is partnered with hundreds of esports teams & organisations focused on education & gaming, including some of the world's largest esports leagues.

The TeamSpeak logo is based on a gaming headset with alien-like eyes. Shown in blue & often with a hex pattern used as background elements.


TeamSpeak's mascot is a blue alien, based on the logo. I was part of the team that designed him & personified the brand with a down-to-earth, friendly & fun character.

He's called Tim Speak. Around a year later I designed a female counterpart, Tina Speak, Tim & Tina have appeared in much of TeamSpeak's communications since.


T-shirts, mugs, an esports jersey & hideous Christmas jumpers!



I designed stands for trade shows attended by TeamSpeak & worked on them, meeting current & prospective customers as a representative of TeamSpeak:

Top: Gamescom 2019, promoting the upcoming beta launch & summer giveaway.

Bottom: GDC 2020, promoting the partnership with the Overwatch League.


GDC Brochure

A bi-fold brochure produced for the event, promoting specialised esports software: Tournament Edition.


Launch & Tutorials

For the launch of the new TeamSpeak beta, a series of videos were produced.

The flagship video was a quick reveal trailer of the appearance & features of the new software, followed by a series of tutorials to show the functionality of various actions in TeamSpeak.

Events & Promotion

Videos were periodically created for events & announcements, featuring TeamSpeak's mascot, Tim Speak.

For Gamescom, I worked on the stand speaking to visitors, as well recording & editing footage for daily video uploads & the final recap at the end of the week shown here.


I was also the man behind the mask, donning the alien head & blue morph suit to bring Tim to life.

ESL One New York was a 3 day esports event covered by TeamSpeak on social media, of course attended by Tim.

Tim also featured on TeamSpeak's first generation of merchandise. Promoted via a video game inspired "Select Your Skin" video.


Badges are small icons that appear next to usernames in TeamSpeak.


Badges are released for a wide variety of reasons, such as marking a gaming event, celebrating holidays or rewarding TeamSpeak's most loyal users.

Hover over to see the badge name & some information on why it was released.

UI/UX & Web Design

Client Redesign

After launching the beta & receiving feedback from reviewers and users, we decided to rework the client. Working with a developer & other members of staff, I designed an improved version of the TeamSpeak client.

Shown is the information page & chat UI of a server.


Along with the main colour scheme, I also produced additional themes:

• Light

• Dark

• Halloween

• Christmas


Web Design

To increase consistency in TeamSpeak's public image, I produced a redesign concept for, based on the new client, with the following pages:

• Home

• Features/Why TeamSpeak?

• Server Management

• Client Download

• TeamSpeak for Education



TeamSpeak's social media marks important updates about the company, celebrates big gaming events, releases & anniversaries.

The Instagram does this through a constantly growing and evolving single image that serves as an artistic love letter to the world of gaming. 


Posts are made as a row of 3 images. From September 2019 to December 2020, I designed this Instagram as a single piece, spanning 345 posts across 115 rows.

Clicking "Load More" at the bottom will open the whole Instagram wall, featuring an 8-month gradual release of the Cyberpunk badge code, promotion for new merchandise, a tribute to over 600 sponsored teams, an illustrated advent calendar & New York City travel diary.

Might take a while to scroll to the bottom!


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