Scroll down to see some of my relevant work, based on a job description from Beyond The Book Recruitment.

What a coincidence!


Hi, I'm Luke, I wear many hats.


A brand is more than just a logo of course, but here's a few examples.

There's explanations and more on my site (hint hint)


A few print adverts I've made in the past, combining

copywriting, image editing and marketing strategy


A pair of campaigns designed

for various banner sizes


A few desktop designs for various websites,
take a look at the Digital section on my website for more information

Made in Photoshop/Illustrator or built in

Mailchimp then exported as HTML


Videos directed, shot and edited for

my three previous employers

Trailer for TeamSpeak's new software

Beckford Huss agency showreel

TeamSpeak travel log to an esports tournament

FKC London agency website design guide

It has been

since the first day of my career

2012 - 2016

12th June, 2016

8th January, 2018

11th March, 2019

2nd March, 2021

Graduated with a first class degree in Visual Communication.

My first job! An advertising agency in London, working on briefs for Papa John's, Soft & Gentle, Superdrug and various other travel and beauty brands.

Creative agency in Birmingham, focused on branding and social media. Made pitch decks and a showreel for the agency, as well as videos for clients.

In-house role for a software company in Derby. Working as the only graphic designer on illustration, video, animation, social media, print, digital, a bit of everything!

Made this page, applied for a job at Sodexo and crossed my fingers!


"For anybody considering Luke, I can honestly say he’s an extremely talented, hard working and flexible guy, an asset to any design team"


TeamSpeak Head of Marketing

"Luke was absolute pleasure to work with. He’s got a great eye for detail, producing high quality work no matter the task!"


TeamSpeak Developer

"Ooooh that looks nice that does"




She doesn't know much about
design but is very supportive