SCRATCH MEDIA Brand & Identity


During my time at Birmingham City University I co-hosted a radio show on my student station, Scratch Radio. I was elected as Scratch Radio's head of brand & while I was in this position the company expanded to become Scratch Media, absorbing Scratch Radio & two other student organisations to become one umbrella organisation.

The main "Scratch" wordmark strives for boldness without being too serious. There are four scratch marks within the A, one for each subsidiary, three are linked to show the three old companies, one stands alone to represent the new introduction of SnapScratch. 

Scratch Media as the parent brand sticks to neutral greys, to make it easily placed next to any subsidiary brand.

Scratch Radio uses yellow, a legacy colour from the old Scratch Radio logo & referencing BCU's golden liger logo.

SnapScratch uses tiger orange, the fur of a keen-eyed hunter and keeping the wildcat theme.

The Scratch uses blue, an energetic lighter shade of BCU's blue branding.

Scratch TV uses purple, I could tell you this was to represent luxury, but to be honest with you it's because the manager of Scratch TV insisted on it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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